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Car Engine Repair

There is nothing more important than keeping your car well-maintained at all times. If your engine goes on you, you may need to start looking for a new car! As it turns out, you can still manage to save your engine, which could ultimately be a lot cheaper than having to buy a new or used car. At G&P Auto Electric, we work with highly skilled mechanics that are able to replace your engine entirely, or simply give it the fine tuning it requires. Many people shudder at the thought of having to replace their engine. The good news is that we can not only do it for you, but also save you a lot of money in the process. Although you can go to extra steps to ensure that your engine is receiving the right care and services it needs, it can still break down on you. We’ll be able to help you out at G&P Auto Electric, and provide your car with a full engine replacement or basic repairs.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when driving your car. The longer you cruise the roads, the more amount of miles your car tacks on, which as a result, could mean serious engine problems. At G&P Auto Electric, we work with the best mechanics that have years of experience, working on all kinds of vehicle models and larger trucks. They understand how important it is to have a fully functioning engine, and the dangers associated with having an old and worn out one as well. The engine is the heart of your car, and having it function properly, ensures that you’ll be driving your vehicle, for many more years. Our knowledgeable mechanics can also provide your car, with an oil change, brand new brake pads, or even replace a spark plug in your engine. We do it all at G&P Auto Electric.

Our Houston Auto Services include:
• Full Engine Repair / Replacement
• Brake Services
• Heating & Cooling Services
• Oil Change
• Wheel Alignment Services
• Automotive Repair
• Flat Tire Change
• Windshield Repair Services
• Filter Replacement Services
• Full Vehicle Inspection

Don’t take any chances with your engine. If you smell any odors or see any smoke from under the hood, it’s time that you bring your car into our auto body shop, right away. We can save your engine, or have it replaced, at a fraction of the cost, of some overpriced and unreliable car manufacturer. We’re a fully accredited and certified auto body shop, based in the Houston area. Bring your car into our shop today, and let us give your engine the best services that it requires.