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Tow Trucks in Houston

Many people drive on the road without first checking the interior and exterior of their car for visible problems. Something as simple as a flat tire can leave people stranded, especially if there is no spare tire in the trunk or back seat of the car to replace the flat. What happens if the flat tire happens late at night and you have to pull off the road in the middle of the night? What if there is no store open for miles or any store that is open doesn’t have spare tires available?

Located in Houston, G&P Towing company has been providing auto care and tow truck services to Texas for many years. A fully-licensed towing company in good standing with the Better Business Bureau provides roadside assistance, and even emergency towing Houstonservices to its customers. We believe in the importance of good customer service and try to deliver that to our customers each day. With 24-hour emergency services available and the fastest response times in the area, we pride ourselves on being ready for anything, anytime a customer calls. In fact, our response time is so fast, we guarantee to provide roadside assistance within thirty minutes of a customer call. Rated the number one Roadside Assistance in Houston, we perform routine car maintenance services like oil changes and wheel alignments to engine repair.

Our professional, friendly, and certified auto mechanics will thoroughly check each customer’s vehicle for any problems whether they are visible or not. We will make suggestions on routine car maintenance, but are never pushy or insistent.

We provide jump-starts, dead battery replacement, gasoline refueling, and flat tire changing services as part of our roadside assistance. We are located at 402 N. Adams Street in Houston, Texas 77011. We can be reached via phone at: (832) 426-1670. Call us for your next car check-up!